Durham Herald-Sun: Welcome to the 21st Century

January 29, 2008

When will local newspapers and those stuck in the “old” web ever learn. I tried to read a story about UNC basketball today in the local newspaper, the Durham Herald-Sun. I’d forgotten that every single story that you try to read on the DHS requires you to have a user name and password.

So instead of seeing my story, I got this screen.


Sure, I could have taken the time to create a user name and password. But undoubtedly I would have forgotten the password and also would have been hit with all kinds of Herald-Sun “offer spam”. It’s bad enough when old guard news/content companies require a login for premium content – and much worse when you have to do so to get a simple article.

I never made it past the inane password wall – no pageviews from these eyeballs – potential revenue thrown away b/c an old school newspaper company can’t reinvent itself. Remember Herald-Sun – open and free always wins.

It’s not 1998 anymore…