Thoughts from LaGuardia

I’m stuck in LaGuardia airport right now, the victim of two different delays in attempting to get back to RDU. It’s still raining now, and I see an ominously large amount of flights on the big board with the unfortunate red letters “CANCELLED” next to them. Hoping that I won’t be the next victim…

I was somehow able to find a hit-and-miss wireless network in the food court area, which is the only thing that’s keeping me sane. I was able to get online and do a bit of work while waiting, but now my network connection to the Bank is down. So I tried catching up on last week’s episode of the Office. I had heard that NBC is allowing free full episodes on its website for a lot of its shows. Sure enough, I was able to fire up last week’s episode.

My connection is pretty spotty, which makes for several delays per minute – which can actually be kind of funny. See the screen shot below – it turned kind of pop-artsy, but still pretty cool.


Alas, I think my connection’s giving out on me 6 minutes into the episode…i’ll be working to get it back, and hoping even more to see RDU before midnight!


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