Headline of the Day

Girl, 9, Threatens to Kill Classmate Over Zebra Cakes

“The note said ‘I have a gun and first I’m going to shoot you in the shoulder,'” said Cindy Landfair, mother of the girl who was threatened.

From one nine-year-old girl to another, the note continued.

    “…then you’re going to shoot me back with a bazooka, but you’re gonna miss…”

And what could drive a 9 year old to say such things? Little Debbie snack cakes, of course.

The girl’s mother said it all started over snacks. Her daughter traded her ‘zebra cakes’ for a bag of chips. But when the other girl wanted both for herself, the mother said that’s when she wrote the threatening note.

Makes you wonder what would have happened if it had been a Nutty Bar for an apple.

View whole article here.


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