Summer Beach Bumming

Tracy and I have been fortunate enough to have taken 3 different trips to beaches over the last 5 weeks, with both sides of our family and some great friends from college. Add these trips to our unreal California trip this summer, and you have quite a bit of time spent near the coast. I have to say, it’s been amazing.

Outer Banks with the Mansfieldsmansfield-beach.jpg

Myrtle with the Millers/Huitsingszack-jacob-small.jpg

Atlantic Beach with the Applegates, Walkers, and Iveysapplegate-beach-group.jpg

The summer has absolutely flown by. I can’t believe September is almost upon us. If its going this fast right now ( and it does feel like it’s flying by) how fast will it be many years later when there’s much more to worry about/care for/do/see/experience? Guess we better take time to stop and let it all soak in.


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