UNC-Penn Random Musings

With yet another easy non-conference victory for the Heels, I think it’s safe to say that everyone – players, coaches, fans, media – is ready for some better competition.  ACC play should do the trick, even if the league as a whole is not as strong as it has been in past years (I really think this is true – maybe more to come on this in later weeks).

Some random musings from last night’s game:

Great to have Bobby and QT back.  I was shocked to see Frasor in the game, as the pregame reports all had him slated as OUT.  Bobby looked as if he hasn’t skipped a beat – he’s really been shooting well this year.  We may need some big outside shooting in the late February, early March time frame.

Quentin looked comfortable and quick – but doesn’t he always against the Penns of the world.  I really love Q’s character, and hope that he can find a niche on this team.  Maybe it’s just 3-5 minutes of passing and defense.  Maybe it’s the behind-the-scenes stuff in practice.  Whatever it is, I think QT can get it done.

Invisible last night: Ginyard and Green – but with the depth of this team, it’s easy to be invisible on a given night.

Ellington approached serious “I think it’s going in every time he shoots” status when he started off 4-5 from 3.  Too bad he cooled off in the 2nd half – I think he makes 6 3’s in an ACC game this year.

Wes can’t buy a big shooting night.  I think he’d pay big bucks for one.

Line of the Night: Alex Stepheson: 9 Min, 3-4 FG, 8 points, 1 rebound, 2 blocks.

Even better Line: Dewey Burke: 2 min, 2-2 FG, 6 points.  And Biscuits for everyone!

What was up with Len Elmore being completely mesmerized by the Carolina diving on the floor in warm-ups thing.  The team’s been doing it for 3 years now, before every game.  I’ve been to games that Len’s been broadcasting and seen them dive before the game.  Yet, Elmore thought he should use that as his talking point for the whole game and then the production guys thought it’d be an even better idea to show the footage from pre-game every time.  We get the point – Roy likes guys to dive on the floor for loose balls.  Thanks for the tip.

Only thing shown more than the pre-game dive footage: John Edwards.

Big props to Copeland.  Loved the hustle and grit from Cope and the Blue team.

Best word to describe this year’s team: explosive.

Bring on the ACC!


One Response to UNC-Penn Random Musings

  1. Skena says:

    Edwards definitely had his people talk to ESPN. It was a good move for him, national tv, family in the spotlight, showing he’s an “every man”. Don’t think it’s going to help him win the nomination though.

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