The Softer Side of Hansbrough

The win against UNC-Asheville was a yawner.  Surely it was good for the Heels to get out and play someone in different colored jerseys, after a boatload of practices in a row.  In what is likely to become a hallmark of this year’s Christmas season, Carolina rolled easily.

Game reports and opinions can be found here:

News and Observer 

Tar Heel Fan
An interesting look at Carolina’s favorite big man is found in the St. Louis Dispatch.

We know him as Psycho T.  The commander of the paint.  Pusher of SUVs.  Owner of the weight room.

And lover of pedicures?

Seriously.  Behind his mask of stocism so often displayed on the court, it seems that Tyler is more refined than many ever would have imagined.

Go behind the mask and see the real Tyler.

Yet even if “The Bluff” is essential to who Hansbrough is, even if he has brought it to Chapel Hill in the form of a current curiosity called “Texas ping-pong” and by speaking of it frequently and fondly, Hansbrough’s world is changing around him.

Perhaps after this season, it will morph even more radically if he takes advantage of his surging NBA stock to become a multimillionaire.

Then again …

“Sometimes we talk about where we’re going to live next year,” teammate and roommate Bobby Frasor said. “I hope he keeps talking like that.”

From St. Louis Dispatch


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  1. Skena says:

    Thanks for the shoutout. I’ll hit you up as soon as I get my links section organized. Booyah bro, keep the flag flying.

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