NFL Picks: Week 15

The standings:

Zack: 9-7 (55-61-2)
Eller: 9-7 (55-61-2)

Tied up with 3 weeks to play…our ineptitude is contagious apparently.

Cowboys (-3.5) Over FALCONS
So Tony Romo isn’t perfect.  But we already knew that.  Atlanta does not want to rely on Vick’s throwing, but with Norwood and Dunn banged up, that’s looking like a serious possibility.  This one could get ugly.

Jets (+3) over VIKINGS
I see no reason why I should not take any team that’s getting points against Minnesota.

Browns (+11) over RAVENS
It’s too many points not to take.  Remember, this is the bitterness game – the Modell Bowl if you will.  And the Ravens have been playing pretty well lately, meaning it’s just about time for them to derail and either lose or barely scrape by with a win.

PATRIOTS (-11) over Texans
I almost took Houston.  But then I didn’t.  New England needs to bounce back in a big way, and I think they will, winning by two touchdowns.

Dolphins (+1) over BILLS
Miami will be a popular Super Bowl pick again next year.  The key will be to get a first half of 2007 that matches their nice end of year runs from this season and last year.

Redskins (+9.5) over SAINTS

New Orleans is too high right now for my liking.  I think they get a little comfortable after the thrashing they put on Big D.  Either that, or I’m completely wrong and they win by 40.

Jags (-3.5) over TITANS
Hard to pick against Vince Young right now.  But the Jags are coming on strong as one of the best teams in the AFC.  I love the duo in the backfield – Maurice Jones-Drew is awesome.

BEARS (-13.5) over Bucs

Even when Good Rex doesn’t exactly show up, the Bears are strong enough on D and special teams to win.   And against the Bucs, they should win big.

GIANTS (-5) over Eagles
The New York Football Giants take hold of the wild card chase in this game.  Jeff Garcia’s magic has to be running out by now.

Lions (+5) over PACKERS
NFC North (outside of Bears) = one sad division.

CARDINALS (+3) over Broncos
I’m starting to think that the Cardinals are not who we thought they were.

Chiefs (+9) over CHARGERS
Lamar Hunt passes away this week.  The Chiefs need a win desperately to stay alive for a playoff berth.  Larry Johnson wants to add his name to the LDT conversation as the “other” best back in the NFL.  I think this one is close, even if the Chiefs don’t win.

Rams (+2) over RAIDERS

Let me get this straight – the Raiders are giving points?

Bengals (+3.5) over COLTS
Hard to believe Indy was 9-0 just a few short weeks ago.  Ocho Cinco, Rudi Johnson, and Carson will be too much.  I just hope this game is like 55-51.  That would be awesome.

Steelers (EVEN) over PANTHERS

Picking against the Panthers seems to work.  I’ll keep doing it.


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