Things I thought this weekend…

Where did you go, college football?
LaDainian Tomlinson is the best running back I’ve ever seen.
Panthers (with Delhomme or Weinke) still stink.
Hanging out with friends you’ve known since you were 6 is awesome.
Ace-Queen suited kills Ace-9 unsuited…until a 9 comes out on the flop.
No one wants to hear about another’s bad beats.
Nothing beats spinach dip, Rotel, and other dipping delights.
I can’t wait for January ACC hoops.
I really can’t wait for March Madness.
Josh McRoberts is not half as good as advertised.
Greg Oden looks like a 40 year old LeBron James
Carmelo + LeBron + Dwyane Wade = best draft class ever?
Darko is not in the above equation.
Tom O’Brien is going to win consistently at NC State.
Butch Davis is going to win more at UNC.
Reggie Bush is a freak.
Michael Vick will be the poor man’s Vince Young.
Allen Iverson making $20 million a year is fair.
We won’t take any material things with us when we die.
I love the Christmas season.
Weekends are too short.

What did you think this weekend?


One Response to Things I thought this weekend…

  1. Blake says:

    Hey Zack,
    I linked to your blog through Eller’s. I like it, except for all the Tarheel Mumbo Jumbo, of course. It looks like it has been 8 days and no one has replied with their thoughts from the weekend. Well last weekend was too long ago, but here are some things I thought this past weekend:

    Philip Rivers is human.
    LT is not.
    All people should be required to where red and green to Christmas parties.
    Sausage and cream cheese croissants taste good.
    The NFL is more unpredictable than Charles Manson.
    Charles Manson really is crazy.
    UNC Asheville has a tall person on their Men’s basketball team.
    Butch Davis will not win more than Tom O’brien.
    Isaiah Thomas is a B!T(#.
    ACC basketball, except for UNC-CH, is boring this year.
    Fire pits are cool.
    The Steelers are good and have a good shot at the playoffs.
    Full court 3-on-3 basketball is tiring.
    73 degrees seems warm for mid December in NC.
    Hardwood floors require constant cleaning.

    Those are the only things I thought this weekend.

    Merry Christmas and GO CHARGERS!!!

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