NFL Picks: Week 14

Eller: 7-8 (46-54-2)
Zack: 4-11 (46-54-2)

Things were crazy this week.  Thus – the lack of posts.  In fact, I haven’t written anything since posting my sorry NFL picks last week.  It was my worst week ever, and leaves me tied with Hollywood Eller with only a few weeks left to play.

If I had the time to write this week, I would have waxed poetic about UNC Women’s soccer and their 18th championship in 25 years.  Or I could have inserted my thoughts about O’Brien to NC State (I think it’s a great hire, but hear that Wolfpack fans aren’t happy about it yet).  But alas, there was no time this week.

From Sunday night until Wednesday, I was down in Orlando at the Baseball Winter Meetings.  I was down there pitching Visitar to a bunch of minor league teams.  Being a part of the meetings was a lot of fun.  I ate dinner right between Ozzie Guillen (as crazy in person as on TV) and Terry Francona (or as his buddy called him, Tito Francona).  Apparently I missed seeing Cal Ripken Jr. and Jim Leyland, but did rub shoulders with Brian Cashman and see Don Mattingly, sans moustache.  Word from the hotel is that Manny is staying put in Boston.  Take it for what it’s worth (hotel bar gossip), but at least it’s something.  All in all, it was a great week, but busy.

And to cap things, my computer’s hard drive crashed.   But Dell got me a new one in less than a day, so I’m loading the OS along with the requisite programs.

Next week will be more plentiful – for now, here are the picks.

CHIEFS(-3) over Rams
Arrowhead rules.

Falcons (-3) over Bucs
Ron Mexico rules.

Vikings (1.5) over LIONS

Vikings getting points against Lions rules.

Titans (+1) over TEXANS
Vince Young rules.

Saints (+7) over COWBOYS
New Reggie Bush rules.

Jets (-3.5) over BILLS
Not being JP rules.

Colts (-1) over JAGS
Re-Focused Peyton rules.

SKINS (+1) over Eagles
Blind squirrels finding nuts every once in a while (Garcia) rules.

BENGALS (-11) over Raiders
Ocho Cinco rules.

Pats (-3.5) over DOLPHINS
Brady rules.

49ERS (-4) over Packers
Gore rules more than Favre.

Seahawks(-3) over CARDINALS
Using “they are who we thought they were” jokes each week rules.

CHARGERS (-7) over Broncos
LT really rules.

Bears (-6) over RAMS
Bears D (in spite of Rex) rules.

GIANTS (+3) over Panthers
Picking against Carolina rules.


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