NFL Picks: Week 13

Update after week 12:
Zack – 9-7 (42-43-2)
Eller – 8-8 (39-46-2)
Michael Ellis was 7-9 in week 12

STEELERS (-7) over Bucs
I’m starting to wonder whether Ben Roethlisberger will ever come back from his incredibly awful year or if he will fade into the oblivion and take over the Kurt Warner Award for “player who could do no wrong for 2 seasons and then flamed out due to injuries/motorcycle accidents”.  Maybe Ben will be back (he has, after all, gone through a lot this year) – but let’s take a minute to think about Warner.

That guy was unstoppable.  Truly unstoppable.  He goes from grocery bagger to league MVP and led an offense that was the greatest the league had seen in quite some time.  Then he gets a thumb injury, can’t buy an offensive line to give him some time, and now is stuck toting a clipboard and listening to Denny Green postgame tirades.  Talk about a meteoric rise – and an equally devastating fall from the top.

RAMS (-6.5) over Cardinals
Too much Steven Jackson.  And Bulger is 7-1 all-time as a starter vs. Arizona.

Colts (-7.5) over TITANS
The Titans are my nemesis team.  Every week I get their pick wrong.  They always seem to find a way to either get within the spread.  The answer – a Peyton Manning induced thrashing.  I’m convinced that I will get this one right.  If I don’t I’m picking the Titans, no questions asked, for the rest of the year.

DOLPHINS (EVEN) over Jaguars
Dolphins are hot.  And the Jags are about as up and down as their expansion year cohort Panthers.  Plus, Del Rio’s Reebok suit looked ridiculous.  It was hardly Lombadi-esque.

49ers (+7) over SAINTS
I just think seven points is too much.  And Frank Gore is rolling right now.

REDSKINS (-1) over Falcons
Another NFL Pick killer: the Falcons. Every week I think they’re going to snap out of their slump, and then they disappoint and Mike Vick flips everyone off.  Where’s the Falcons that decimated Carolina in week 1?  Or who played one of the games of the year with Pittsburgh?

Chiefs (-5) over BROWNS
LJ’s been getting 35+ carries a game.  That’s good news for my fantasy team, but bad news for LJ’s long term health.  Still, I think he has enough punch to get past the hapless Browns.

PATRIOTS (-13.5) over Lions
Tom Brady Rule.

Chargers (-6) over BILLS
So the Chargers struggle for one week and the line is only 6?  JP Losman has had two good games in a row.  What are the chances he gets number three?  Oh, and USA Today told me that Buffalo has allowed 395 yards rushing in the last two games.  Combine that with the torrid Tomlinson, and I see a BIG Chargers win.

Jets (EVEN) over PACKERS
Jets are the better team and Green Bay’s on a short week.  Gotta love December games at Lambeau, though.

GIANTS (+3.5) over Cowboys
So the Giants have a star defensive end who is hurt but still finds time to shove down hot dogs and bicker through the media with the star wide receiver who makes huge plays but only when he wants to.  Then you throw in Eli’s poor form as of late and all the talk about how the Cowboys are now the team to beat in the NFC.  The result – the Upset Special of the week.  Against the odds, the Giants will straight up against the ‘Boys.  How ‘bout ‘em.

RAIDERS (-3) over Texans
I can’t believe I’m picking the Raiders and giving points.  But I am.

BRONCOS (-4) over Seahawks
I’m not convinced that Hasselbeck is even 80% yet.  He looked better in the 2nd half on Monday night, but that was against Green Bay and not the Denver D, in Mile High, in a huge game.  I’m scared to put my proverbial money on a first time starter – but I trust enough in the altitude and that Denver crowd.

Bears (-9) Over Vikings
We all know who the Bears are.  Let’s just hope good Rex decides to come out and play.  Otherwise, this is a lot closer than 9.

Panthers (-3) over EAGLES
I’m testing the logic here.  Each time I’ve picked against the Panthers, they’ve won.  And when I pick them to win, they lose.  So this is the deciding week – if they don’t beat a banged up Philadelphia team that is sans McNabb, I’m not picking them to win again this year.  And that would pain me.


One Response to NFL Picks: Week 13

  1. Keith says:

    I’m in total agreement with the Giants game and the Broncos game. Osi will be back and so will Madison. I see them trying to protect Eli with the Tiki effect.

    Cutler is a stud. Playing in Denver for his first start is a gift. The Denver D and running game plays well for a rookie starter. Plummer may be sexier, but Culter is da man.

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