Nothing Could be Finer…

bunting-kiss.jpg Photo: Robert Willett, News and Observer

What a weekend for folks who, like me, cheer for teams called Carolina.

First, the Heels show up at Kenan and put together one final signature performance for Coach Bunting. It was senior day and things couldn’t have gone more perfectly. For all his troubles at UNC, Bunting has proven that he can beat NC State. Coverage of the game has been expansive, with Tar Heel Fan providing great commentary both on the game itself, and the coaching crisis at the agriculture school in Raleigh. The best thing I’ve seen though, is a photo slide show from the N&O site that has a voice over by Robbi Pickeral – check it out if you have time…the pictures are priceless.

One final note on the game and Bunting – for a coach who struggled to win games, Bunting has more than his significant wins. First, you have the obvious “landmark” wins vs. top rated opponents – Florida State in 2001 and Miami in 2003. There’s the Peach Bowl victory vs. Auburn (a team that had a young Jason Campbell at QB, Ronnie Brown in the backfield, and a number of other guys who are now playing on Sundays). He’s also done well against the local rivals, going 4-2 against NCSU and only losing once to Dook (but what an awful loss that was!) I’m 100% convinced that a change was needed, but in reflecting on the Bunting tenure, it’s interesting to see how these wins show just how up and (mostly) down his era has been.

Sunday at 1 pm was a veritable feast of sports on TV. I was mainly watching the Heels thrash an outmanned Gardner Webb squad, but occasionally changed over to the Panthers and watch their equally impressive domination of the St. Louis Rams. UNC looked like the team we all want them to be on Sunday, but a better indication of the team’s progress will come on Wednesday vs. the Zags. I was impressed by the interior passing of our bigs, the play of Ellington and Wright, and was happy to see Quentin with a few nice assists in the first half (Adam Lucas provides a great look at Q, a player who I think will end up playing a big part in at least one or two UNC wins).

Outside of 3 guys on one of my fantasy teams getting hurt on the same Sunday (McNabb, Colston, and Kevin Jones) the weekend was great. Heck, we even got a coffee table for half price from Pottery Barn! (It’s amazing, the things that will excite you as a homeowner.)

Looking back over this post, it’s random indeed. I’ll post again later today or tomorrow with a great video of Psycho T beating up on Bobby.


One Response to Nothing Could be Finer…

  1. twoguns says:

    Thanks are in order for Bunting in doing his part to help expedite the firing/resignation of Chuck Amato. Though I should note that Bunting was 4-3 against Amato and not 4-2.

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