NFL Picks: Week 11

Not to be lost in the college hoops kickoff is the Week 11 NFL picks. Week 10 proved to be brutal for TV Land’s finest, Michael Eller. His 4-11 showing leaves him way behind yours truly heading into week 11. Props go out to Michael Ellis, who had the guts to post his picks in the comments section and had the week’s only winning record (9-6). Brent Carothers wasn’t as lucky, and matched Eller for low week.

Standings after Week 10
Zack (26-29-1)
Eller (22-33-1)

For all you closet handicappers out there, join in on the fun. It’s free – and as a bonus prize to the winner, I’ll post your picture on the blog for, literally, tens of people to see, and will write a post about the topic of the winner’s choosing at some point next week (hear that David Thompson?) You can pick anything, and I’ll have to figure out how to make it work in the blog. Now that’s what I call a prize! Post your picks in the comments section by Sunday at 1pm to be eligible for the prize.On a completely unrelated note, the news this week about O.J.’s new book was despicable. Worst thing I’ve seen in years – other than the Raiders offense of course.Ba-doom, ching! I’ll be here all week – try the veal!Home teams IN CAPS

CHIEFS (-9.5) over Raiders
Trent Green hasn’t played in well over a month. The last time he played, he almost got decapitated. The Raiders defense has actually been playing better recently, and held the Broncos in check last week. However, the Chiefs are at Arrowhead, which still offers the best homefield advantage in the league.
Colts (-1) over COWBOYS
Dallas is a roller coaster team, and won last week – so they should be due for a beatdown from Peyton, making the Colts 10-0.Bengals (+3) over SAINTS
The Hood Ornament came up big for 260 yards and 2TDs last week. Unfortunately, they ran into the best player in the NFL and a Chargers team that decided to throw up 42 in the second half. Cincy gets back on the right track this week – they’re too talented not to, right?Steelers (-3) over BROWNS
Once again the Steelers are favored. This time they actually deserve it.

EAGLES (-13) over Titans
Led by the return of everyone’s favorite head-stomping defensive lineman, Albert Haynesworth, the Titans will somehow summon enough strength to keep this game within 13. Or not.

Falcons (+4) over RAVENS
According to Ellis, you don’t mess with an angry Ray Lewis. Apparently not, but you do remove a small pocket of blood from Ray’s severely bruised back. Ray is questionable for Sunday, and so is the Baltimore D’s hope of keeping Vick in check.

Rams (+6.5) over PANTHERS
Worked last week didn’t it? Pick against the Panthers and then sit back and enjoy them proving me wrong!

TEXANS (-2.5) over Bills
Horrible game of the week #1. I’ll take the home team.

Patriots (-6) over PACKERS
Never pick against Tom Brady: especially when he’s lost two in a row.

BUCS (-3) over Redskins
The Redskins stink. So do the Bucs. But not as bad as the Redskins.

Bears (-7) over JETS
If the Bears aren’t up by 21 at halftime I’ll be shocked. It seems like every time they play a mediocre to poor team, they simply crush them. I think the Jets are just mediocre, and used up all their magic against The Sweatshirt last weekend.

DOLPHINS (-3) over Vikings
The Dolphins are on a roll – and favored! If Daunte were playing, this would be the time to self destruct. Fortunately, they have Joey Harrington starting instead. Did I just write that sentence?

CARDINALS (-2) over Lions
Snoozer of the week. I wonder who the Cards think the Lions are?

Chargers (+2.5) over BRONCOS
I was pretty jacked up about getting the #2 pick in my fantasy league this year. With 3 bonafide star running backs to choose from, I was assured of getting a stud with the #2 pick. Shaun Alexander went first in my league, and I was faced with the impossible choice – LaDainian Tomlinson or Larry Johnson. I went with LJ and figured, sans injury, he’d be a great pick. LT was riskier given the unknown surrounding Rivers at QB. Now we’re 10 weeks in, and I can hardly complain, since LJ’s had another outstanding year. But I’m also kicking myself for having had the opportunity to pick Tomlinson and passing on it. The guy has been absolutely stunning this year, and I don’t expect him to flame out either – dude’s the real deal.

Sorry for that – it was cathartic, I believe, and I promise never to whine again about having a RB with 1200+ total yards and 12 TDs this year.

Giants (+3.5) over JAGS
For some reason I think the Giants may be representing the NFC in this year’s Super Bowl. Quote me on that in January.

Eller’s Picks:

Chiefs (-9.5) over Raiders
Colts (-1) over Cowboys
Bengals (+3) over Saints
Steelers (-3) over Browns
Eagles (-13) over Titans
Ravens (-4) over Falcons
Panthers (-6.5) over Rams
Bills (+2.5) over Texans
Patriots (-6) over Packers
Redskins (+3) over Bucs
Bears (-7) over Jets
Vikings (+3) over Dolphins
Cardinals (-2) over Lions
Chargers (+2.5) over Broncos
Giants (+3.5) over Jags


3 Responses to NFL Picks: Week 11

  1. ellis says:

    KC -9.5 Larry Johnson
    Ind -1 Colts have to lose some time. Not this week.
    Cin +3.5 Hangover? Nah
    Pit -3.5 Browns got their W vs. Atl, they’re due for 4 L’s now to restore order
    Phi -13
    Atl +4 Atl pounded Car at Car, Car beat Bal at Bal. The enigma that is Mike Vick shines this week
    Car -6.5 Rams “D” get a healthy does of Steve Smith. And Bulger will meet Peppers at least twice with Pace out.
    Hou -2.5 J.P. Losman and Anthony Thomas? I prefer Carr and Lundy/Gado/Dayne, barely. Do people in Buf and Hou even want to watch this game?
    NE -6 I still believe in Brady
    Was +3 MNF hangover
    Chi -7 Good Rex this week?
    Min +3 A banged up Ronnie Brown doesn’t bode well
    Det +2.5 Go ahead and crown em.
    Den -2.5 I think Denver can stop LT, or at least slow him down enough to win at home.
    NYG +3.5 MNF dog rule

  2. lawdog says:

    best line of the week – “I wonder who the Cards think the Lions are?” Clever.

    Titans – too many points
    Chargers – toughest pick

  3. DT says:

    I have no idea, but since my name was mentioned in the blog AND there is the possibility of a very long article about the best football team in the state…


    GO DEACS!!!

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