Gut Shot: Quick Thoughts on Heels BBall

This will have to be quick, but wanted to provide my gut reaction to my first glimpse of the 2006-2007 UNC basketball team. I hadn’t seen the Heels at all until last night’s survival against Winthrop; the following is pure, unadulterated reactionary comments and observations.

  1. Ty Lawson is fast. Too fast. At least in the first half he was too fast for his own good. Once he reins it in, Ty could be special. And he certainly already has a D1 (if not NBA) body. Kid is solidly built.
  2. Brandan Wright can play above the rim in a special way. Dare I say we might see some Vince-esque moments this year?
  3. Brandan Wright cannot shoot very well from beyond 4 feet. We’ll be better off if he can focus on dunking during the early part of this year.
  4. Wayne Ellington scored a quiet 13. I like that a lot.
  5. Bobby Frasor seemed invisible. Not sure if that’s good or bad. But I still think Bobby may end up being the glue that holds this team together. I doubt there’s anyone else on the floor with as high a basketball IQ.
  6. No one, and I mean no one, gets more out of his ability than Wes Miller.  The guy is living the dream, and will be an absolutely crucial part of this team.
  7. Reyshawn Terry has officially filled the Rashad McCants Memorial “I’m a mercurial player with absolutely insane athletic ability that could at any point be wasted by a combination of mental errors or lack of focus” role on this year’s team.  Here’s to hoping that Rey has more 2nd half vs. Sacred Heart type performances than what was on display last night.
  8. Roy’s tie was atrocious.  For the love of all things Alexander Julian, please avoid the ROY G BIV look in the future.
  9. Marcus Ginyard = Jackie Noel.  D like Jackie, but a body that’s looking more and more like the Bull City’s finest.
  10. For a team with an incredible amount of offensive firepower, our halfcourt sets looked, well, like it was the 2nd game of the season.  It will be fun to watch this team in January, when they’ve figured out how to carve open zones and work the ball inside.
  11. This year will be trying for Quentin Thomas.  I don’t see much playing time on the radar for Q.  His challenge will be to bring it everyday in practice, doing everything he can to make this team better, one day at a time.  We’ll find out a lot about Quentin’s character based on his ability to handle this situation, as it is extremely challenging mentally to put so much in and not see the results in playing time.
  12. There will be a game this year when Quentin will need to come in and play significant, ultra-important minutes, and will need to have his “A” game.  It may be due to injury or foul trouble, but it will almost definitely happen.  No other team in the country has a 3rd PG on the roster with the skill set of Q.
  13. Tyler is bigger, faster, more skilled, smarter, quicker, and just as tenacious as he was last year.  And he’s really let that hair go, hasn’t he?  What can I say that hasn’t already been said – the guy is amazing.  If he continues to perform at this high level all year (and why would we expect him not to? ) he will go into the pantheon of all time greats in UNC history – and could get his jersey not just honored, but retired.
  14. A reality check for all of us diehards – the majority of our key players are 19 or younger.  19!  We are really, really young – and I think we’ll play that way for a while.
  15. We will see a lot of slow down attempts from opponents – it will be impossible to run with us for 40 minutes.  With 7 minutes left last night, Winthrop looked like they were going to die – and we simply subbed in a fresh set of players.
  16. It sure is good to have Roy.  Hard to believe, but only a few short years ago we weren’t sure if he’d come back or not…
  17. Did I mention that Tyler is a beast?

One Response to Gut Shot: Quick Thoughts on Heels BBall

  1. […] Sunday at 1 pm was a veritable feast of sports on TV.  I was mainly watching the Heels thrash an outmanned Gardner Webb squad, but occasionally changed over to the Panthers and watch their equally impressive domination of the St. Louis Rams.  UNC looked like the team we all want them to be on Sunday, but a better indication of the team’s progress will come on Wednesday vs. the Zags.  I was impressed by the interior passing of our bigs, the play of Ellington and Wright, and was happy to see Quentin with a few nice assists in the first half (Adam Lucas provides a great look at Q, a player who I think will end up playing a big part in at least one or two UNC wins). […]

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