Huge Fire at Eastern Guilford High School

eghs.jpgPhoto:Jerry Wolford/News & Record

If you haven’t heard already, there was a huge fire at Eastern Guilford High School yesterday. The fire apparently began in a chemistry classroom and raged for hours upon hours. Luckily, no students or teachers were injured in the blaze, but the entire school is completely destroyed.

That’s about 1000 kids with no school of their own. That’s 30+ years of tradition, trophies, history, and memories – all gone in an instant. That’s thousands of books, countless personal items, student records, teachers’ materials, gone.

Incredible photos can be found here.

It’s gaining national attention here.

Unreal. Makes you realize that even the smallest parts of our everyday lives can be gone in an instant.


2 Responses to Huge Fire at Eastern Guilford High School

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