Trick or Tweet?

Photo: nephew Jacob

It’s been 10+ years since I’ve been an active participant in the door to door Halloween festivities. As a first year homeowner, Tracy and I didn’t have any idea what to expect in terms of foot traffic in our neighborhood.

We received our first trick or treaters just before 7 pm – two of our neighbors who were dressed as princesses. About 30 minutes later the doorbell rang again, and this time the tricksters were a bit older – about 13 or so. And they kept coming…

About 8 teenagers piled onto our doorstep at once. Not expecting many kids, we had made little goodie bags of candy to hand out. Needless to say, the crew of teens completely demolished these bags, so we were left to handing out the rest of our Blow Pops and bubble gum sans holiday bag.

The night calmed down after the rampage, but we had a few more rings on our doorbell. Cutest costume of the night: our 2 year old neighbor who was dressed as a Hershey Kiss. When she said “trick or tweet” and followed it up with a “thank you” -well, she could have taken all of our candy at that point and I wouldn’t have cared.

All in all, a great Halloween night – and just another perk of being a homeowner.


One Response to Trick or Tweet?

  1. Zack — thanks for the update. Malissa and I didn’t have any trick-or-treaters to our apartment in Meadowmont, but we walked through the neighborhood and saw kids running all over the place. My favorite house was the one that had a sign on the door that said “Please Take Only One…Or Else.” Then I looked down at their bowl, and they have yogurt and raisins. No candy. Can you believe that?

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