Pre-season Coaches’ Poll

NFL picks are coming later today, but my buddy Neill sent the 1st USA Today men’s basketball coaches poll this morning and the results are interesting.

Defending champ Florida checks in at #1, which is rightfully since they have all 5 starters coming back from last year’s team.  UNC checks in at #2 – hard to argue with the potential.  I’d be more worried about overblown expectations – especially with 8 of the top 9 players being freshmen or sophomores – if one of those players didn’t happen to be Tyler Hansbrough.  He came in with more expectations than anyone in last year’s class, and still found a way to blow all those expecations out of the water.

Right behind the Heels is another familiar face – Kansas.   And directly behind them is UNC’s Nov. 29th ACC/Big Ten Challenge opponent, Ohio State.

Duke is completely overrated at #11 (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Carolina fan).  I’ve been told by a buddy from Texas A&M that this year they’re the “non-traditional” team to watch out for – they check in at #13.

Other teams of ACC interest include Boston College at #15 and Georgia Tech (coming off an 11-17 season) at #21, in large part because of a great recruiting class.  Maryland and Florida State also received votes.

See the full poll here.


One Response to Pre-season Coaches’ Poll

  1. mac says:

    Great post. Hoping the Traditional (UNC) and Non-Traditional (A&M) meet in Atlanta. Maybe you can give some pointers on how to cheer for a good basketball team, never been here before. Here’s a shout out to the majority of traffic going through the BLOG – GO HEELS!

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