Wake Forest: Athletic Powerhouse?

You have to hand it to Wake Forest. For a school with enrollment of around 4,000 (2nd smallest in Division I), they hold their own pretty well.

Sure, they have an inferiority complex at times when it comes to UNC. Sure, they play the same song during every time out at home basketball games (and yet the crowd goes crazy every time!)

But the success that Wake has been able to achieve, not only this season in football, but also in the less recognized sports such as field hockey and soccer, is quite impressive. As my good buddy Michael Ellis pointed out the other day, Wake is the only Div. I school to currently have Top 25 teams in men’s and women’s soccer, field hockey, and football. It seems that even USA Today is catching on to what’s happening in the town that tobacco built.

Can’t wait until basketball season, though. Something tells me Skip’s going to have a long season again.


One Response to Wake Forest: Athletic Powerhouse?

  1. ellis says:

    nice effort. it surely will be a long season in hoops, but we did pretty nicely on the recruiting trail (no unc mind you) for this season and next. see you in 2008.
    a second point. could it be that on saturday wake will not only be the better team on the field at kenan stadium, but also the one with more talent? that hasn’t happened in my lifetime.
    and there’s always field hockey.

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