Bad Month for Pedro Martinez

It’s been an absolutely atrocious month for Pedro Martinez.  First, he has to miss the entire playoffs and will be out until next June after having rotator cuff surgery.  Then, his Mets lose to the Cardinals in Game 7 on a Yadier Molina home run.

And now, his good buddy Nelson de la Rosa has passed away.  Despite appearing in films (such as “The Island of Dr. Moreau”), de la Rosa is perhaps best known as the little man whom Pedro befriended during his stint with the Red Sox and who was dubbed Pedro’s “good luck charm.”  de la Rosa was not only a popular participant in numerous celebratory champagne ceremonies, he was also the world’s shortest living adult.


One Response to Bad Month for Pedro Martinez

  1. Furnas says:

    that guy really knew his talents. “…from Chile, where the Dominican national had been working in a circus.” rest in peace, little man.

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