Truly amazing…

Some things are just too amazing not to share. I saw this top headline today and had to click through:

“Teenager plays Space Invaders with only his brain”


Sure enough, it’s true. To quote a short part of the article, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, “programmed an Atari 2600 to interface with the brain-sensing apparatus. The headgear boasted a grid of sensors that monitored “electrocorticographic activity” from the brain’s surface to detect signals based on thought processes that were going on.”

And you thought finding a regular Atari nowadays was hard.

Read more here.

Posted: at my desk, during a quick break from making calls


One Response to Truly amazing…

  1. michaeleller says:

    I hope they can commercialize this… that would be amazing.

    And hey… just so you know, i’m still waiting on your blog about weddings. You can’t keep me waiting much longer! The concept is pure gold.

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