A little bit about a lot of things…

This is my third attempt at writing a successful blog. I’d call my first two tries mildly successful – they were blazing supernovas at first, but (like most blogs, I’ve found), they ended up burning out far too quickly.

At first, I tried using the blog as a place to write thoughts, essays, and musings during my day while I had some free time at my job. I wrote most of entries from my desk at work, hence the name of the blog. Over time, I found that I didn’t have enough time or good ideas to write long posts on a regular basis. So I quit Blog #1 and tried doing short, quick hits for a local sports radio call in show that I also posted to a different blog. It was fun, easy to repurpose the content, and provided an outlet for my desire for creativity. Alas, my error with numero two was in the title itself – holding myself accountable to a daily take turned out to be a far too difficult task.

So since January of 2006, I’ve been an avid blog reader, but have not contributed anything of value to the blogosphere myself. I’ve certainly wanted to get back into it, as I love to write and found that there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes from posting your thoughts and feelings for the world to see, even if it’s only your friends and family who ever read it. The quandary I was faced with, however, was what exactly to write about.

The best blogs are those which focus on a specific topic, category, or interest. TechCrunch is focused entirely on new web companies. Some folks write solely about their jobs or domain expertise. It takes a really riveting(or insane) individual to successfully post a blog based entirely on opinions or personal tastes. Mark Cuban is able to do it, but I’m certainly no Mark Cuban.

So what was I to do? I feared turning into one of the many “all about me” bloggers who vastly overrates his own self-importance and simply turns the blog into a running diary of daily events. Hoping to avoid this fate, I simply sat on the sidelines and thought about how I cool I was that I didn’t fall into the trap. Like a scared freshman waiting for “next” at Woolen Gym, I sat on the sidelines and hoped that no one realized how much I really wanted to play.

And then it hit me. Who cares if my blog is amorphous, unfocused, and runs the risk of supremely stinking. I love to write, I have ideas, and blogs provide the ultimate platform for expressing ideas on a personal level. So I’ve started blog #3, and I’ve decided to keep it as free and open as possible. I’ll simply write about the things I’m passionate about – faith, sports, friends, family, my job, burritos – just about anything. It’ll be a little bit about a lot of things. And I’ll do it in whatever format I like. If it ends up stinking, so what. And if it ends up going down one specific path, so be it.

At least I won’t be on the sidelines.

Posted: at my office desk, on a lunch break.


One Response to A little bit about a lot of things…

  1. michaeleller says:

    Nice work Manser… I like the way you think. Keep me posted as you add more posts so I can check ’em out. I totally agree with you on the “sense of satisfaction that comes from posting your thoughts and feelings for the world to see.” It really is a pretty cool feeling. I just hope mine doesn’t find itself in the landfill of supernovas that you were referring to. Here’s to writing more about the things that we’re into and getting better at it at the same time.

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